Arena spa

Arena spa

Tolentino (MC)

arena is the authentic waterwear brand for athletes and real sport lovers. Wherever there are water sports, there is Arena.

arena wishes to be considered by top athletes, as well as by every water sports lover, as the reference brand for best performing equipment and apparel.

We believe that our brand’s real strength, and one of the keys to its success, is the ability to leverage its experience and competence in the field of top competition swimwear, at the same time investing on research and innovation, to develop a best-in-class product range. So Arena offers professional competition swimwear, but also beachwear, two piece swimming suits, swim goggles, sport sandals, water shoes, swimming caps, towels, training tools: all you need for the swimming pool!

arena also wants to be perceived as the ideal business partner by world-wide sporting goods retailers, by consistently delivering outstanding results in terms of overall profitability, consumer appeal and loyalty, and quality standards.

arena manufactures swimsuits, swim goggles, swim caps, freeflow pullboy, nose clips, strap clips, fins, hand paddles, antifog drops, towels, earplugs, gloves, flotation belts, kickboard, sea discovery masks, snorkels